British automaker Alvis recently announced it would restart production of its renowned sports cars and race cars after 50 years of inactivity, showing off its latest creations at the London Classic Car Show held February 23 to 26, reports Classic Cars.

The newly built classic cars have been closely modeled after the originals, but have been altered to include modern safety technologies mandated by government regulatory bodies.

Included among the resurrected classics are recreations of the 1966 Graber-bodied TF21 and 1937 4.3 drophead coupe, featuring Lancefield coachwork.

“Unlike some marque revivals, The Alvis Car Company isn’t simply attaching the famous ‘Red Triangle’ badge to the front of a modern supercar but instead is re-creating genuine supercars from an earlier age,” said Richard Joyce, managing director at Alvis Car Company.

“Our Continuation Cars are as close to the originals as we can get.”