Two boldly styled BMW art cars created by Garage Italia Custom were unveiled April 4 at the Milan Furniture Show in Milan, Italy, featuring rapturous colours and patterns both inside and out, reports EVO.

Garage Italia outright transformed the BMW i3 and i8 electric cars into brightly-coloured rolling works of art; this marks the second time BMW’s i8 electric car has received the art-car treatment by the shop.

BMW has a long tradition of turning its cars into metallic canvases for artists to render their creative expressions upon, starting with the BMW 3.0 CSL painted by Alexander Calder, and raced at Le Mans in 1975.

Over the decades, many BMWs have been subjected to art-car treatment, but the artwork has always been limited to each car’s exterior. Not so with Garage Italia’s i cars, which both received psychedelic colours and patterning throughout their interiors.

Lapo Elkann, Garage Italia Custom’s creative director, and Michele De Lucchi, a founding member of the Memphis art movement, both took inspiration from the designs and patterns typical of the Memphis art movement of the 1980’s while designing the executing the i3 and i8 art cars, which were privately commissioned.