Two assembly line workers at BMW’s Munich factory are feeling the heat after showing up to work high before collapsing on the job.

According to Germany’s Bild newspaper, the medical emergency forced a 40-minute shutdown of the plant’s assembly line, costing the company more than $1 million in lost productivity.

Reportedly, one of the workers was already drunk and the other hopped up on amphetamines when they shared a joint in the locker room before hitting the factory floor—literally.

After they collapsed, one of the workers had to be taken off-site for medical treatment. Later, BMW fired one of the employees, and the other was reassigned to a different job.

While getting high enough to require medical attention is no laughing matter, we can’t help but smirk at the irony: the two workers who got smoked out were putting together exhaust systems.

Cases like this are rare: BMW officials said this was the first time they had had to shut down an assembly line on account of intoxicated workers, and it’s been several years since we’ve heard of a similar situation.

In 2010, Chrysler Corporation suspended a small group of employees at its Jefferson, Michigan plant without pay after they were caught drinking and smoking pot on their lunch break. They were later reinstated after their union intervened.