TV show personality Bill Nye heaped praise upon electric cars in an interview with Green Car Reports after taking delivery of his very own “Kinetic Blue” Chevrolet Bolt EV recently.

Nye has driven several electric cars over the years, including the GM EV1; a MINI E; a BMW i3; a Ford Focus Electric; a Nissan LEAF; and a Volkswagen e-Golf.

Nye says the Bolt is his favourite among them thanks to its great outward visibility and range anxiety-crushing battery capacity. “Now I can go to Palm Springs without worrying,” said Nye, referring to his regular commute of about 200 kilometers.

Nye’s enthusiasm for cars is apparently limited to electrics, however; he shows an open disdain for modern conventionally powered cars. “Who the hell wants to drive a combustion-engine car? People… come on!” exclaimed Nye.

(Green Car Reports)