A motorcyclist who was flung onto the trunk of a Toyota Camry after being cut off by its (likely distracted) driver “can’t believe you right now, dude,” at least according to this YouTube video posted by the biker.

Uploaded by user HD2, the video shows the Harley-Davidson-riding poster cruising in the carpool lane down a California highway (totally legal there, by the way). Suddenly, the blue Camry cuts across two lanes and right in front of the Harley, giving him no time to stop.

He winds up wheel-first into the car’s bumper, and is thrown from his bike onto the trunk lid. Unaware of, or indifferent to, the collision, the rider then has to pound on the back window yelling “stop!” before the Camry driver begins slowing. Like HD2, we couldn’t “believe you right now, dude.”

Sure enough, when he dismounts the trunk and walks to the driver window, you can see a phone in the driver’s lap.

Check out the video above, but be warned there is some (much-warranted) strong language. The video does raise an important point about road safety: pay attention, and watch when changing lanes. It’s not hard to end a life out there.

(via YouTube)