Techies, photographers, and Bentley enthusiasts will be keen to check out the British marque’s latest masterpiece–a 53 billion-pixel photo of its recently refreshed Mulsanne sedan.

The photo was shot using a NASA-developed photography technique wherein multiple high-resolution photos are stitched together to create a truly vivid, immersive image. In this case, 700 individual photos were shot from the same perspective, then stitched together to create a master image–a photograph so large that it would cover the surface of a football field if printed in standard format and resolution.

There’s seemingly no end to how far you can zoom in, maintaining high image quality all the while, thanks to the billions of pixels at your disposal.

A pixel is an individual dot, making up an image at a fundamental level. The more dots you add to an image – spaced as closely and accurately as possible – the better the resolution, or clarity, will be. To put the number of pixels in this image into perspective: if you added one dot per second – as in the artistic style of pointillism – to create this image, it would take more than 1,600 years to complete the masterpiece.


In the photo captured by Bentley, a Mulsanne can be seen midway across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, with blue skies and water in the background.

“Nowhere is Bentley’s famed attention to detail better demonstrated than with our new Mulsanne,” said Kevin Rose, Bentley board member for sales and marketing.

“We wanted to commission this shot to capture both the exquisite detailing of the Mulsanne and the epic scale of our brand’s ambitions. We believe the result is truly extraordinary.”

The Mulsanne is Bentley’s flagship sedan, lavishly finished with the finest materials and craftsmanship–just sitting idly in this vehicle is a pleasure and a memorable experience for any automotive enthusiast. Under-hood is a 505 horsepower, hand-built powerplant capable of pushing this titanic sedan to a terminal velocity of 296 km/h (184 mph).

To explore Bentley’s photographic feat, go to the interactive site.

(Bentley via CarScoops with photo from Bentley and video via YouTube)