Audi has confirmed the new naming convention it cooked up for its vehicles will not be used in North America.

Back in the late summer, the German automaker revealed, starting this fall, its vehicles would get new numerical designations that would refer to their power output rather than engine displacement.

It was a nod to alternative-fuel powertrains (like diesels, electric vehicles, and natural gas) and the wide range of performance that a company like Audi has learned to extract from a single engine.

For example, its 2.0-litre diesel can be had in 122-, 150-, or 190-hp formats and the 2.0-litre gas engine is available with anywhere from 190 to 252 hp.

But at a recent launch event for its all-new A7 Sportback, Audi’s North American subsidiary revealed it will not bring that new way of naming its vehicles to the this continent because of the relative lack of underhood variety available to buyers here.

That’s especially true now that Audi no longer sells diesels here, in the wake of the VW emissions scandal that forced both companies to delete the 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre TDI diesels from their order sheets.

With just gas and electric powertrains in Audi’s future, it didn’t make sense to rebuild its naming strategy. That said, it would make sense for the manufacturer’s forthcoming electric models, which will be offered with a variety of battery pack sizes and power outputs much like Tesla does now.

(via Digital Trends)