Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing pulled the silk off of their 001 on July 5; the joint-venture hypercar promises to deliver a power-to-weight ratio of one-horsepower-per-kilogram, thanks to its V12-engine and carbon-fibre construction.

Penned by Adrian Newey and Marek Reichman, chief designers for Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, respectively, the 001 is a Formula One-inspired hypercar in a well-tailored British suit.

Specific technical details remain scarce, but AM-RB have confirmed that the car will be powered by a “high-revving” naturally-aspirated V12 engine mounted amidships. The engine is said to be a new design by Aston Martin, but we suspect it will borrow heavily from the 7.3-litre V12 used to power Aston’s current hypercar, the One-77.

As installed in the One-77, the 7.3-litre mill makes 750 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque–it’s likely that the 001’s V12 will best those figures.

Astons are famous for the thunderous-yet-melodic sounds emanating from the headers of their V12 engines, and we are thus particularly intrigued by what the high-revving V12 of the 001 might sound like.

The chassis will be constructed fully from carbon-fibre, with plenty of Formula One technology at work from nose-to-tail. It’s yet unknown whether the 001’s chassis will be produced by Multimatic, the Markham, Ontario-based automotive parts supplier that built the underpinnings of the One-77 before they were flown to England for final assembly.

“Unprecedented levels of downforce” will be generated by underbody aerodynamics, according to Aston Martin. The marque tips its hat to Newey as the world’s most successful F1 designer and promises that under his stewardship, the 001 will deliver “the pinnacle of road car performance.”

By eschewing complex, heavy hybrid power systems, additional batteries and turbo plumbing, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing are approaching the design of the 001 with a decidedly old-school philosophy. The inherent benefits of employing a lightweight, relatively simple V12 powerplant will be found in improved overall packaging and a low final curb-weight.

“I’ve long harboured the desire to design a road car,” said Newey, adding, “I knew Red Bull Racing had the ability to handle the pure performance aspects, but Aston Martin’s experience of making beautiful, fast and comfortable GT cars is of great benefit to the project.

“I’ve always been adamant that the AM-RB 001 should be a true road car that’s also capable of extreme performance on track, and this means it really has to be a car of two characters. That’s the secret we’re trying to put into this car – the technology that allows it to be docile and comfortable, but with immense outright capabilities.”

It’s rumoured that the 001 will be as quick as current GTE Pro class Le Mans race cars. If true, a Le Mans-prepped 001 could likely wrestle the reigning Ford GT supercar from the winner’s circle at a forthcoming Le Mans.

AM-RB will build between 99 and 150 copies of the 001 at Aston’s Gaydon facility–first deliveries are expected in 2018.

(Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing)