Aston Martin pulled the silk off its most aggressive Vantage yet, the Vantage AMR, which draws inspiration from the brand’s GTE race cars, at the vehicle’s launch June 14 in Gaydon, United Kingdom.

Aston Martin Racing, or AMR for short, is producing only 300 examples of the Vantage AMR, making it a highly exclusive vehicle that will likely find its way into collectors’ hands, and onto prestigious concours of the future.

The Vantage AMR will be available in V8 and V12 form, with the former making 430 horsepower and the latter spinning out 595 horses, accompanied by a crackling, thunderous twelve-cylinder exhaust note.

Aston Martin says it will produce 200 V8- and 100 V12-powered Vantage AMRs, with both available for order as coupes or convertibles.

While increased horsepower is part of the AMR formula, it’s only a small part of it, with the outfit focusing on lightweight vehicle construction and aerodynamics to improve the driving dynamics and lap times of its cars.

AMR is to Aston Martin as AMG is to Mercedes-Benz, and as M division is to BMW, but the in-house performance division will be producing cars in more limited numbers than its German counterparts.

Aston chose its most successful sports car – the Vantage – as the first model to be revised by AMR thanks to its natural aptitude on the race track and more compact, lightweight design.

Only days after the release of the AMR Vantage, Aston Martin Racing won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in it class, with its V8 Vantage GTE – the very car the Vantage AMR draws inspiration and technical enhancements from – taking the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The Vantage AMR can be ordered with additional options from the new AMR Accessories range, further enhancing its performance and aesthetics. Among the options is an AMR aero kit; forged aluminum AMR Vantage wheels; and an AMR titanium exhaust, which reduces the V12-equipped car’s overall weight by a healthy 14 kilograms.

“It’s a real thrill to see our first AMR model go into production. The Vantage has been an incredible success for Aston Martin, both in V8 and V12 forms,” said Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin president and CEO.

“As our most agile and athletic road car, and our long-time representative in the world of GT racing, it is the perfect model with which to introduce the exciting AMR range.”

The Vantage AMR is expected to be available for sale in Canada, but with its limited production numbers worldwide, it’s likely only a handful will make it to Canadian shores, with asking prices north of $200,000.

(Aston Martin)