Classic car magazine Hemmings Motor News recently released some nifty data spelling out which collector cars are most popular in each of the 50 U.S. states—turns out, unsurprisingly, it’s basically the same dozen models over and over.

Hemmings was founded in 1954 and is possibly best known for classified advertising that helps readers connect with each other to buy and sell antique and collectible cars. They took a deep dive in their classified listings going back to 2010 to determine which vehicles are most common across the country, and aside from a handful of outliers, the results are fairly predictable.

Their initial search found the Chevrolet Corvette – arguably the quintessential American sports car – dominated the landscape, along with a solid smattering of Ford Mustang in some states.

So they removed those cars from the search to reveal a strong undercurrent of Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Thunderbird, along with a few states that put the Ford Model A on the map.

Eventually, the Hemmings folks reached what they figured was the “most diverse and representative result we’re gonna get without whipping up some advanced algorithms” and came up with a map that makes the Thunderbird the dominant species in the American collector car market, along with the Chevrolet Camaro and Bel-Air and the Ford Model T and Model A.

But throughout the process of refining their data, Hemmings discovered a few nifty quirks: collectors in Colorado love Ford Broncos; New Yorkers, Oregonians, and Californians dig the Porsche 911; and while Great Britain is represented in Wyoming (MG TD), the Bentley Turbo R was a popular choice in Mississippi (of all places) and Alasakans favour the Packard Clipper.

Hemmings freely admits their approach was less than scientific, but it still paints a cool picture of the quirky nature of car collecting in a country that loves its cars.

(via Hemmings Motor News)