Starting in 2019, all new Ferraris will feature hybrid technology in accordance with CEO Sergio Marchionne’s vision for the iconic brand’s growth and profitability.

The automaker’s current growth potential is capped by strict environmental regulations that impose a production limit of 10,000 cars per year based on current fleet-average emissions, reports Automotive News.

Ferrari is on track to build 8,000 cars this year and so far hasn’t bumped up against its regulatory production limitations, but according to statements made early November, Marchionne would like to sell 9,000 cars by 2019, before significantly increasing production to over 10,000 cars by 2025.

Ferrari’s application of hybrid technology will be performance-focused, while still yielding sufficient reductions in emissions to satisfy regulatory requirements.

No longer under the ownership of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles since the start of this year, the Italian brand must find its own way financially while keeping shareholders happy.

The impetus to produce more vehicles originates from the company’s desire to continuously increase profits—and hybridization of the lineup is the clearest way forward, enabling the brand to achieve the record sales figures it desires.

In addition to hybridization, Ferrari is also planning to introduce new models to its range that will allow more affordable entry into the brand—though all prancing-horse models are sure to remain expensive by modern sports car standards.

(Automotive News)