An Alberta man handed a speeding ticket for going 1 km/h over the limit has seen the ticket rescinded, perhaps not coincidentally after his girlfriend posted about the issue on social media.

Mathieu Gagne was driving behind a peace officer on a 100 km/h-limit highway near Sturgeon County, north of Edmonton, September 15 when he decided to pass him, since the officer was travelling below the limit, he explained to CTV Edmonton.

He was almost immediately pulled over by the office and given a $78 ticket for doing 101 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

“The next thing he said was, it was disrespectful. I was disrespecting him,” Gagne told CTV.

That’s when Gagne’s girlfriend took to Facebook to vent her frustration on Mathieu’s behalf, posting a picture of the ticket. The post was shared thousands of times, and over the weekend, Gagne learned he would not have to fight the ticket, since it was being rescinded.

“Upon further review, they did only estimate the driver’s speed and they did not record or measure it on a radar and laser as they indicated on the ticket,” Sturgeon County spokesperson Gwen Wolansky said.

The officer who issued the ticket is not facing punitive action.

(via CTV News)