An Olds, Alberta man was devastated when his classic car collection went up in flames early March, reducing his concours-quality cars to rubble.

Bert Curtiss had collected more than 40 classic cars and 40 antique tractors over 45 years of restoring cars and tractors as a hobbyist, reports CTV News.

His entire collection was estimated to be worth $3 million before a fire engulfed the 27,000-square-foot dairy barn that held his prized possessions.

“It is what is, I guess I’ve lost 45 years of work,” said Curtiss.

“Some of these cars I’ve had for 40 years. [I’ve spent] hundreds of thousands of hours working on them.”

Fire officials have not determined the exact cause of the fire, but do not suspect foul play; investigators believe the fire likely started in a nearby garage.

(CTV News)