A 79-year-old Belgian woman is facing a fine and a driving suspension after being ticketed for a high-speed late-night jaunt she argues she took because she couldn’t sleep.

The woman was captured by a speed camera zooming along a highway at 238 km/h in her Porsche Boxster GTS in June 2016, but only recently had her day in court, reports Belgium’s GVA.

When questioned by a somewhat incredulous judge in the city of Namur whether she was behind the wheel of her car at the time, the woman freely admitted that yes, it was her, and that she’d thought a quick blast in her Boxster would help alleviate a bout of insomnia.

While she didn’t realize she had hit such an impressive velocity, she agreed with the penalty handed down: a 4,000-Euro fine and a three-month driving ban.

That’s far from the wildest – or weirdest – speed-related fine issued by police around the world. In 2004, a Scottish woman was fined 200 British pounds for driving in too leisurely a fashion on her own late-night drive, as she slowed to a near-crawl every time she approached a curve in the road, claiming she was not used to driving at night.

And in 2010, a Swedish man faced a fine of about $1,000,000 after being clocked at 300 km/h on a Swiss highway in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Swiss speeding fines are based not only on the speed you’re caught doing, but also your income which, as his choice of ride suggests, was not modest.

(via GVA.be)