The owner of a new Ford F-150 left a $5 car wash with $6,000 worth of damage to his truck after a rotating brush tore the antenna out of his right front fender. user dtibbals was running his new truck through a “quick cheap wash to knock some dust off” when the automatic brushes in the unnamed Dallas, Texas service station grabbed the non-retractable antenna mast and ripped it out of his fender.

The antenna then banged and scratched its way down the entire length of the truck to the tailgate, leaving dents and nicks all along the paint.

When dtibbals complained, the service station manager referred him to the “Not responsible for damage” sign by the car wash entrance (the one we’re all used to ignoring).

“I was impressed my gun stayed in the holster, I was PISSED,” he posted on the forum mid-December.

His insurance company thankfully covered all $6,000 worth of damage caused by the car wash, save for his deductible, and is now pursuing the service station.

The post, titled “Aluminum vs Steel?”, obviously raises questions as to whether the extent or cost of the damage would have been less or more if his F-150 had been built of the steel used by rivals like Chevrolet instead of the new lightweight aluminum Ford’s recently switched to.

“My truck is now sporting a stubby antenna for daily driving and it will never go to another car wash again!” dtibbals wrote, warning, “Beware guys! Take the damn antenna off your truck!”

(, via HOT ROD Magazine)