A new $175,000 Nissan GT-R burned to a crisp in North Carolina early November, and the culprit is most likely fallen leaves on the road, says the owner.

Nissan tuning shop owner Sharif Abdelbaset was taking his daily driver 2017 GT-R on an Autumn drive along the famously twisty Tail of the Dragon when, turning a corner, the engine suddenly cut out, forcing him to pull over, reports Jalopnik.

Abdelbaset had been sitting in the car on the side of a road a few minutes when a friend told him he saw smoke and fire coming from below the trunk. Abdelbaset got out to find his friend wasn’t joking and tried to snuff the flames with a fire extinguisher, but three minutes later it was clear the flames were out-of-control.

Five minutes later, the GT-R was engulfed in a fireball, and by the time the fire department arrived a half-hour later, there wasn’t much Nissan to salvage.

Abdelbaset doesn’t blame the slightly modified car or its mostly stock engine, but instead chalks up the fire to the Autumn leaves on the road. “The back of the GT-R gets really hot in general,” he told Jalopnik, so if a pile of leaves happened to be “channeled by the brake guides into the vicinity of the brakes, exhaust, and transmission,” an electrical harness could have melted and shut the car down.

Abdelbaset was not hurt in the incident, and plans to use the insurance money to buy another GT-R. He’ll be equipping it with an even bigger fire extinguisher with a hose attachment, just as a precaution.

(129Photos.com and Jalopnik)