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Latest automotive news

Mercedes-Benz is now 3D-printing metal parts

The world’s oldest car brand is among the first to implement cutting-edge plastic and metal 3D-printing tech

These wacky Latvians have challenged Trump's limo to a duel

Dartz bets its Benz-based Black Alligator would better protect the president than the White House’s Beast

Around 150 classics lost to fire at Illinois dealership

A five-alarm fire at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Illinois destroyed around 150 classic automobiles

Porsche owner? You may be entitled to some free sunglasses

A class-action alleges some Porsches finished with certain interior colours are unsafe to drive without expensive shades

Singer and Williams have collaborated on a 500-hp Porsche six

California Porsche specialist and the Williams F1 team have developed a wild flat-six for Singer’s restorations

Ram one-ups competition with pickup packing 930 lb-ft of torque

Ram has raised the bar in the truck grunt war, equipping its heavy-duty dually with near-big-rig levels of torque

Infiniti creates ‘barn find’ 1940s race car for Pebble Beach

Japanese automaker’s Prototype 9 retro race car is a modern interpretation of a 1940s Grand Prix car

Dodge marks end of Viper production with Detroit supercar parade

American snake-bit muscle car gets a sendoff worthy of its massive mark on automotive history

Painting stolen exotic in small town somehow fails to fool cops

A miscreant in a small Iowa city thought he could get away with stealing a rare GT40 replica by painting it black

Australians apply road glue to cut down on hooning

Melbourne authorities have apparently painted some roads in a highly-abrasive coating to prevent burn-outs

Motorcycle mob terrorizes Toronto highways

Stunting riders turned the city’s freeways into parking lots with their dangerous displays

Ford is suing because China's 'Lynk & CO' sounds like 'Lincoln'

The American automaker is crossing swords with Chinese startup, claiming its name infringes on Lincoln’s trademark

Ferrari confirms it’s considering building an SUV

Italian automaker admits an SUV could join product portfolio, a departure from historically supercar-centric model line

This site saves you money on a car by flying you out-of-province

Website from TripAdvisor developers finds car buyers the best deals by way of a little used vehicle tourism

Mazda will now restore your first-gen Miata (if you live in Japan)

The Japanese manufacturer has launched a restoration program for its original roadster, and will produce replacement parts

Mitsubishi i-MiEV gets the axe due to poor sales

Japanese brand’s pioneering pure EV has languished, with recent sales tapering down to less than 12 per month

You can drive the new Nissan LEAF using only one pedal

The redesigned EV will come with e-Pedal technology, the first one-pedal system to bring a car to a full stop

Internet rails against adult who let child drive the Nurburgring

For some reason, this guy decided to let a young boy steer his Range Rover around the notoriously challenging circuit

The Bugatti Chiron's fuel consumption is better than the Veyron's

Newsflash: the Chiron drinks gas like a teen guzzles soda, but the EPA ratings are better than you’d think

German carmakers may have formed illegal cartels: investigators

Daimler, VW, and BMW allegedly colluded to work around regulations and overpower competitors

The Mustang now comes with a quiet ‘Good Neighbour Mode’

Ford came up with the new “quiet mode” after engineer had the cops called on him for a Shelby-related noise complaint

Cadillac cutting car range from four to two because SUVs

Falling sales are forcing GM’s flagship brand to roll three models into one and focus on crossovers and hybrids

U.K. moving to ban conventional gas engine sales by 2040

The United Kingdom has taken its first steps toward banning the sales of conventional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2040

British man buys $330k Ferrari, crashes it minutes later

The F430 skidded off a highway and burst into flames—about an hour after the driver’d paid for it

Tesla Model 3 boasts 500 km driving range (but not for $35,000)

Tesla delivers the first examples of its compact game-changer, and reveals full specs so we know what we’re missing

This company is betting electric trucks will be great off-road

NY-based startup Bollinger leveraged the benefits of EV drivetrains to create an SUV capable of tackling serious off-road trails