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Latest automotive news

U.K. town's yellow-car parade supports victimized Vauxhall owner

Vauxhall has even named a shade of yellow for Peter Maddox after tourists vandalized his yellow Corsa for “ruining” their view

Jaywalking woman gets fined by police after getting hit by car

A resident of Kitchener, Ontario had to pay a fee for failing to use a designated crosswalk after getting run over

Bugatti Chirons in the U.S. will get these terrible bumpers

Exclusive French hypercar stuck with ungainly rear bumper add-ons due to U.S. safety regulations

Toronto police asks public for help designing new cruiser

The police in Canada’s largest city opted for a collaborative approach after an earlier design garnered widespread public criticism

Ford-designed crib mimics car ride to put babies to sleep

Detroit automaker ‘Motor Dreams’ crib is the infant insomnia solution no one thought of until now

Quebec driver Macgyvers suspension with wood log for spring

Police charge Quebec driver after finding his suspension was ‘repaired’ with a wooden log and chicken wire, in addition to other infractions

B.C. couple driving Bolt EV across Canada for green car awareness

On Canada Day, an adventurous couple will leave Victoria, B.C. in their Chevrolet Bolt on their way to Newfoundland, promoting sustainable transportation

Woman owns parking spot because she used it for years

Quebec woman stores car in neighbour’s parking spot for more than two decades, Supreme Court says it’s hers now

Koenigsegg steps up performance with 1,360-hp Agera RS1

Swedish automaker raises the stakes in the performance arms racr with 1,360 horsepower lightweight two-seater

Stickshift cars thwart two attempted Toronto car thefts in one day

Two attempted car-jacking incidents in Toronto highlight how the manual transmission is becoming an anti-theft device

F1 champ Fittipaldi building new $1.5-million 600-hp supercar

The F1 driver is marketing what he calls his dream car—though it’ll be track-only until he can build a street-legal version

Manitoba woman wins new car for not texting while driving

This motorist earned herself a new Honda Fit after successfully resisting the urge to text-and-drive, as monitored by a new app

Canadian parking officers face arrests for using 'Denver boot'

An Edmonton parking enforcement company is in trouble with the law for its controversial practice of “booting” illegally parked cars

Canadian driving club bans newer cars over safety concerns

BMW enthusiast club keeps cars with active safety systems off race tracks due to risk posed by computerized responses

Toronto Tesla buyer's Model S shipped with major defect

Canadian EV customer finds serious structural defect in his new Model S, seeks solution from automaker

Jaguar shrinks F-Type base engine to 2.0-litre four-cylinder

British automaker fits Ingenium four-cylinder engine under the hood of its F-Type for a lower price tag and better efficiency

Canada's pot legalization plans include new impaired driving rules

Road safety advocates and the public are concerned making marijuana legal will lead to more crashes and driving fatalities

Chevrolet adds RST Special Edition trim to Tahoe and Suburban

New Rally Sport Truck package takes cues from the aftermarket truck scene for a sharper appearance that can be backed up with an optional powertrain upgrade

103-year-old Delage race car resurrected thanks to 3D printer

The world’s last remaining Delage Type-S grand prix car was recently restored to running order with help from 3D printing tech

Ford launches industry-first hybrid-electric police cruiser

Fusion Hybrid Police Responder is one of 13 electrified vehicles Ford will introduce over the coming five years

Ford eyes RS-badged performance SUVs

Detroit-based automaker is open to the possibility of launching its own line of RS-badged performance SUVs, says Ford executive

Husband secretly restores BMW to be like his wife's first car

College sweetheart gifts wife restored classic BMW 325, reuniting her with a replica of her first car

Hennessey gears up to banish Demons with 'The Exorcist'

As Dodge continues to tease its Challenger Demon, U.S. tuning house Hennessey has created a rival with The Exorcist

Russian car enthusiasts go curling with compact cars

Residents of Yekaterinburg, Russia banded together in 10-person teams to go curling recently—but, y’know, with cars

Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica promises electric roadster

Canadian automaker previews a rendering of its new electric roadster, badged the Tofino, at its hometown auto show late March

The new American Vanderhall Venice will definitely turn heads

Utah-based niche automaker launches a unique two-passenger three-wheeler powered by a 1.4-litre turbo