Full-size pickup trucks are largely a North American phenomenon, topping sales charts on this continent and helping countless contractors and construction workers earn a living.

But pickups apparently hold a certain cachet elsewhere in the world or else we wouldn’t be telling you about the Czech-built Bureko 6×6.

Obviously, Bureko has chosen to make its mark on the Silverado’s styling with a body kit we would very much hesitate to call attractive. However, for all the Bureko 6×6 is obviously over the top looks-wise, there appears to be a lot of off-road functionality built into it, too, with a lifted suspension and a tandem dual rear axle setup.

Under the hood is the Silverado’s optional 6.2L V8, which makes 420 hp and 460 lb-ft in its stock form. But Bureko will bolt on your choice of performance-enhancing kits that boast anywhere from 600 to 1,200 hp. Now, to achieve those power figures, Bureko claims to be using parts from an American company called Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE), but Hennessey says it not affiliated with Bureko and has asked the company to stop using the Hennessey name in its marketing materials for the 6×6.

This is not Bureko’s first crack at building a six-wheeled, six-wheel drive version of an American truck. The original 6×6 (the Silverado is technically called New Bureko 6×6) was a Hummer-based vehicle with a custom two-door body; there was also a Bureko 4×4 that turned a Hummer into a two-door SUV coupe of sorts.

If you’ll be in Germany later this month, Bureko will have its New 6×6 on display at Automechanika Frankfurt, a biennial trade fair for the automotive service industry.

(Via Carscoops)