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Road Trip: Henry Ford Museum is a tour through pure Americana

The Henry Ford Museum houses much more than the history of the Blue Oval: it protects an enormous slice of history as American as apple pie.

How long must I wait for my self-driving car?!

Nobody knows, but don’t put down your deposit just yet

This Canadian-built MegaRaptor is a super-fun super-sized F-250

How do you make a pickup fun if you’re not a truck person? You blow it up larger than life and take it off-roading

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB: race-bred DNA, road car manners

Kyle Marcelli raced the Ferrari 488 GT3 this season, but recently had a chance to try out its road-going sibling

The 'Art of Mopar' delivers exactly what it promises

Tom Glatch’s new volume makes a great vehicle for some fantastic photography and curious trivia

This entrepreneur is one of the first Canadian Ford GT owners

Only Autofocus has this interview with Richard L’Abbé, one of the Ford GT’s first owners in Canada

This Cobble Beach tour convinced me I’m buying a rumble-seat car

The hundred-odd cars at Cobble Beach’s concours hit the field Sunday, but on Saturday, they take to the streets

How Mercedes-Benz is hoping to engage Canadians—at the mall?

German automaker is upping the ante against competitors by connecting with customers and fans in a Markham shopping centre

Cobble Beach’s concours is where you'll see all the cars you keep reading about

The hundred-plus cars at the fifth annual Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance have some incredible stories to tell

Rallycross: racing six-figure cars sideways for bragging rights

Canadian-born racer Andrew Comrie-Picard gives us a crash course in rallycross and how to win at life

This new 'Habu' MX-5 V8 is a whole different animal to drive

Flyin’ Miata’s small-block Chevy conversion for the ND-generation MX-5 transforms Mazda’s roadster into a monster

The David Brown Speedback GT mates DB5 style with modern luxury

You might balk at the $800,000 price tag, but not when you realize you’re getting classic car style with new-car reliability

Ford builds way too many SUVs (and this is why)

Can’t decide between the Ford Escape and the Edge? The Explorer and the Flex? We broke ’em all down for you

How my car was reborn at the factory that built it

My car rolled over 100,000 miles and in the process made me question everything I thought I knew about life

Watching a Rolls-Royce get built makes you appreciate its price tag

Yes, the price for a Rolls-Royce is outrageously high—but after a tour of the firm’s workshop, you’ll get it

An adventure down the Cabot Trail proved Porsche’s SUVs feel like sports cars

On the twisty roads along Canada’s Atlantic coast, we found out firsthand Porsche’s trucks are great fun

Genesis Motors is selling cars in ways almost no one else is

The retail model for Hyundai’s new luxury brand Genesis most closely mirrors Tesla’s—except better

This long-hidden Cadillac is the only U.S. car ever used by British royalty

“The Duchess,” a one-off 1941 limousine built for the Duke of Windsor, is literally fit for a king

Love it or hate it, you have to admit the Callaway AeroWagen SC757 is fast

The Callaway Corvette Aerowagen is definitely polarizing, but also definitely a good way to stand out from other C7s

The life, death, and rebirth of Terry Fox’s ‘Marathon of Hope’ van

This 1980 Econoline looks like some dumpy-but-well-kept camper van, but inside it live the memories of one of Canada’s greatest heroes

This car could drive across Canada on just $5 of gas

On a downtown Toronto campus, students with U of T’s Supermileage Team are figuring out ways to run a car on a thimbleful of fuel

Here’s why this vintage Mini costs $125,000

The original Cooper is back, “Remastered” by David Brown Automotive with new tech, more power, and extravagant personalization options

I packed up and moved across Canada in a real-life Canyonero

Yes, I bought a ’77 GMC Suburban in a parking lot at night and drove it half-way across the country towing all of my stuff

How we missed the mark in this Mazda MX-5 RF Muskoka rally

The new MX-5 RF is the perfect car for clipping apexes ’round twisty Muskoka roads—but if you’re rallying it, don’t blink first

How Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Volvo turn being underdogs into an advantage

Being a smaller automaker means you can’t match the big OEs in marketing or dealer incentives—but you still have a chance

The remarkable adventures of Robert Bateman's Grizzly Torque

This desert-tan Land Rover was once both canvas and conveyance for one of Canada’s greatest naturalist artists