MARKHAM, Ontario—Mercedes-Benz Canada launched a new retail store location at CF Markville mall in Markham, Ontario September 7, taking a new approach to connect with its customers, fans of the brand, and passing shoppers.

The automaker has acted upon consumer feedback, which shows evolving shopping habits in a more connected world. Driving to a stand-alone dealership location to look at new cars is becoming a chore for those accustomed to the internet of things, and the convenience of large shopping centres.

In a novel, forward-thinking approach, ‘Mercedes me’ brings the brand, and a few of its latest cars, to the customer, instead of making the customer come to them.

“The idea was to find a space outside of a traditional dealership in an area where lots of people come by. Our Mercedes me store allows us to connect with our customers in a completely different setting,” said Philipp von Witzendorff, vice-president and head of Toronto retail operations, Mercedes-Benz Canada.

“A visitor who walks in can expect the newest and greatest of our model lineup, and accommodating staff that are highly qualified and trained to give you all the answers you need, so when you walk out you can be totally informed, knowing what your next vehicle is going to be.”


Inside the sharply styled, expansive 5,600-square-foot retail space, visitors will find five or six vehicles on display alongside Mercedes-Benz merchandise available for sale, including golf bags, luggage, jewelry, watches, bicycles, and key-chains. The décor is Mercedes-themed and visually striking, drawing you in from the connecting retail walkway.

This latest Mercedes me store is closely linked with Mercedes-Benz Canada’s Mercedes Markham dealership, so, while you can’t buy a vehicle directly from the Mercedes me store, you can determine exactly the car or SUV you want before completing the transaction and driving off from the neighbouring dealership, which is located only three kilometers away.

Mercedes-Benz Canada says its new retail store initiative will be good for the brand in Canada overall, as some visitors to the Mercedes me store may live outside of the GTA, or outside of the province, but all will walk away with a new experience of the premium brand.

There are six Mercedes me stores internationally, all of them located in world-class cities, and all of them with their own unique appeal. Some, for instance, serve food and drinks, while others offer a scenic view from within.


Mercedes-Benz Canada launched its first Mercedes me store at the Aberdeen shopping centre in Richmond, B.C.; this location is smaller, showcasing fewer cars and collection items, but still captures the brand’s identity.

Those interested in visiting the world’s latest Mercedes me location will find the retail store at 5000 Hwy 7, Markham, Ontario, on the second level of CF Markville mall, most easily accessible from the mall’s McCowan Road entrance, just north of Highway 7.

“We are excited about this new touchpoint to reach our customers and fans of our brand,” concluded von Witzendorff.

“Ultimately, we are trying to evolve our offering to meet people where they are and fit within their lifestyle.”