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In Photos: driving the 2016 Hagerty Maple Mille in a Camaro

This autumn marks the iconic Chevrolet Camaro’s 50th birthday, and to celebrate, we drove a ’67 droptop and a ’69 big-block from Peterborough to Petawawa on the 2016 Hagerty Maple Mille rally

How to: rally a vintage Chevy Camaro halfway across the province

This autumn marks the Camaro’s 50th birthday, and to celebrate, we drove a ’67 droptop and a ’69 big-block from Peterborough to Petawawa

2016 Honda Pilot Touring: The cottage hauler experiment

Can a 2016 Pilot ferry seven 20-somethings and a weekend’s worth of provisions from the city out to the cottage? We found out firsthand

The 2017 Bugatti Chiron is a hypercar without rivals

The new 1,500-horsepower $2.8-million hypercar made its Canadian debut in Vancouver, and we were there to take it all in

How a 10-year-old got gifted this old Canadian custom car

“Thunder Ball” is one of the few original Canadian custom show cars still in existence, and probably the only one owned by a pre-teen

2017 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet: A powerful convertible that surprises

“Luxury” gets stuck on so many cars nowadays, it hardly means anything—but for the Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet, “luxury” is the only word that’ll fit

This designer is behind the world's fastest Corvettes

Montreal-based Dr. Paul Deutschman went from styling hand dryers to Honda kit cars to one of the world’s fastest street-legal vehicles

2017 Porsche Macan GTS: A performance-minded SUV that ticks all the boxes

The latest Porsche to receive the GTS treatment is the Macan SUV, and it could be the best realization of the theme that Stuttgart’s delivered to date

How to get paid to take a cross-country road trip

Want to take a road trip but short on funds? Canada DriveAway will pay you to deliver a stranger’s car (but there’s a catch)

Nissan Micra Cup: Keeping competitive—and having fun

It takes a lot of work to keep up in the super-competitive Nissan Micra Cup series, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time

'Wide-Open Muscle' zooms in on classic convertibles

Randy Leffingwell’s new book takes a deep dive into drop-top Detroit iron from the ’60s and ’70s

These Australians just drove around the world in an MG

Sue and Ken Slater spent seven years piloting a vintage British sports car to just about every corner of the Earth—here’s how they ended up in Canada

Self-driving cars could literally reshape the Canadian landscape

There’s been some discussion about how autonomous vehicles will change the way we drive—but not as much about how they’ll change what we drive on

Owen Sound is slowly becoming Canada’s classic car capital

The Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Brack Classic Hill Climb, fleets of Lamborghinis and horseless carriages—this city sees a lot of classics

Mazda's improved its steering, but you'll probably never notice

The automaker’s new G-Vectoring Control is meant to be subtle, so while it’s hard to pinpoint what’s happening, it just feels better

Nissan Micra Cup: Behind the wheel with driver Brian Makse

Rolling onto the track for the first time in a brand new race car is pretty daunting, especially at an unfamiliar circuit. Once I got up to speed, though, I remembered why I racing in the Nissan Micra Cup is such a blast. As a race car, the Micra is light, nimble, and easy to handle. My first session was so much fun that if I didn’t have a helmet on, you could have seen my smile for miles.

How the road to electrification is in fast-forward

While Nissan and Ford are approaching vehicle electrification at different angles, the end-goal is the same and it’s happening very fast

How Campagna's three-wheelers finally broke into Ontario

Campagna’s T-REX car-motorcycle crossover has been on sale for two decades, but only this year could you register one for the road in Ontario

History of the Canadian Grand Prix—not unlike the history of Canada

The 2016 Canadian Grand Prix is June 10, 11 and 12, so we looked back at the triumph, tragedy and money-grabbing of F1 in this country

Here's what happens when you press that OnStar button

It’s not just anybody at the other end of that line—OnStar’s specially-trained operators handle calls from across the continent

This former Benz salesman quit so he could restore DeLoreans

Justin Sookraj gave up a great job with a premium automaker to try his hand making a living restoring a niche sports car model

How this car-handling Jedi helped tune the DB11’s suspension

Matt Becker has The Force, he can feel things you and me can’t process—which is why Aston Martin poached him to come tweak their cars

2017 Audi SQ7: torque to make you forget it's an SUV

Take an Audi Q7, add a no-lag turbodiesel with torque that launches the thing like a rocket and you’ve an SQ7—due in Canada fall 2017

How Ontario police are promoting racing to drive down crime

For the past 20 years, several police forces across the province have teamed together to stem the rise of street racing—here’s how

This guy got sued a whole bunch so car-buying would be better for Canadians

Phil Edmonston’s Lemon-Aid books are a staple among Canadian car buyers—here’s how he built a Canadian institution out of getting sued

The Tesla Model 3 has the world talking about EVs

Is the hype around Tesla Motors latest offering the beginning of an EV revolution? Or is it the beginning of the end for the California upstart?