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This car could drive across Canada on just $5 of gas

On a downtown Toronto campus, students with U of T’s Supermileage Team are figuring out ways to run a car on a thimbleful of fuel

Here’s why this vintage Mini costs $125,000

The original Cooper is back, “Remastered” by David Brown Automotive with new tech, more power, and extravagant personalization options

I packed up and moved across Canada in a real-life Canyonero

Yes, I bought a ’77 GMC Suburban in a parking lot at night and drove it half-way across the country towing all of my stuff

How we missed the mark in this Mazda MX-5 RF Muskoka rally

The new MX-5 RF is the perfect car for clipping apexes ’round twisty Muskoka roads—but if you’re rallying it, don’t blink first

How Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Volvo turn being underdogs into an advantage

Being a smaller automaker means you can’t match the big OEs in marketing or dealer incentives—but you still have a chance

The remarkable adventures of Robert Bateman's Grizzly Torque

This desert-tan Land Rover was once both canvas and conveyance for one of Canada’s greatest naturalist artists

How RUF built the carbon-fibre 2017 CTR from the ground up

Thirty years after the debut of the 339-km/h “Yellowbird,” RUF has scratchbuilt an homage made entirely out of carbon-fibre

Why Porsche wanted the Panamera to be controversial

Porsche design head Michael Mauer explains how the brand’s first station wagon, the Panamera Sport Turismo, came to be

Aston Martin’s Valkyrie shows off the brand’s mid-engine future

The British marque’s CEO Andy Palmer explains how it partnered with Ontario’s Multimatic to help show off his company’s technical prowess

The Esso 67-X was the best way to see all of Canada

In 1967, Imperial Oil gave away four wild kustoms to celebrate our nation’s 100th birthday—one of those four cars survives

2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid: a 911 you can road-trip

Like a 30-foot-tall nickel, Porsche’s hybrid SUV makes a big statement, but in a much more subtle way

Why Honda sold cars in Canada before it went to the U.S.

Before it set foot in the U.S., Honda dipped its toe in the North American market in Canada in the 1960s

How the Honda Civic became a household name in Canada

It’s not too far a stretch to say if the Honda Civic were entirely Canadian, it may have appeared on a stamp or a coin

Arizona auctions show sky-high classic car prices levelling off

Blue chip collector cars hit plateau, classic trucks and restorations on the upswing, says Hagerty expert

How the Canadian auto industry will feel the 'Trump Effect'

The first policy changes the new President may make could target the auto industry—and no one’s sure whether they’ll hurt Canada’s car-building sector

Mercedes-Benz’s future is electric, autonomous, and performance-driven, too

No one knows where cars are going from here, but Benz is betting on 1,000-hp hybrid hypercars and self-driving car-sharing fleets

RaceSim1 is Toronto’s first dedicated racing simulation arcade

Remember playing ‘Cruis’n USA’ at the arcade? Or challenging your friends to ‘Mario Kart’? Combine those two things, and add hyper-realism

This 1990s Canadian supercar project was stalled by the Internet

If it had gone into production in the mid-’90s, the MCV CH4 would have been Canada’s first supercar

The Prospector XL is an expedition-ready Ram with a warranty

AEV’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year by expanding its off-road offerings from just Jeeps to expedition-ready Rams

The sportiest VW is better than the cheapest Porsche

Yes, we compared two vehicles no new car buyer is: the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch and the 2017 Porsche Macan SUV

This is the first-ever production Ford GT—and it's built in Canada

Though it has an American EcoBoost V6 and was designed by a U.S. team, Ford’s new GT supercar is built north of the border

How dealerships can now predict what you're going to buy

Looking at or researching a new car purchase online? Odds are the companies or dealers you’re looking at are looking back at you

Ken Carter was Canada's Evel Knievel, but more bonkers

In the late ’70s, the “Mad Canadian” began plotting a mile-long jump across the St. Lawrence River in a rocket-propelled Lincoln

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is the ultimate tailgate party truck

From its under-the-bed cooler; to its in-bed speaker system, the new Ridgeline turned heads during our football pre-game celebration

This Hyundai dealer scrapped commissions and customers love it

Thornhill Hyundai’s Greg Carrasco built his own unconventional dealership model from the ground up, and car buyers can’t get enough

How the Ram 1500 was named 2017's Canadian truck king

Started in 2006, the Canadian Truck King Challenge continues to test pickup trucks (and commercial vans) in the same ways owners use them