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Canadian car and truck sales

How hot are Canada's newest vehicles? We check the temperature

Gauging the success of Canada’s newest vehicles: sedans, sports cars, luxury SUVs, electric cars, and supercars

Control of Canada's sports car market firmly in Mustang's grasp

As competitors struggle to make headway in Canada, month after month, Ford Canada just keeps on selling more Mustangs

Foreign affairs: Canada’s 25 most popular 'import' autos in 2017

“Import” doesn’t mean what it used to, but these are still Canada’s 25 most popular autos built outside North America

Automotive rivals: Canada’s one-on-one auto sales battles in 2017

Mustang versus Camaro, Ram versus F-150—who’s coming out the winner this year so far in these and other contests?

As of summer 2017, Volkswagen Canada is back from the brink

Car upticks and incoming SUVs are bringing the Canadian arm of the German automaker back on track

Canada’s 25 best-selling luxury cars in 2017’s first seven months

The 25 top-selling premium brand cars in 2017’s surging Canadian auto market

Canada’s 25 fastest-falling SUVs in 2017’s first seven months

The Canadian market is eating up SUVs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but somehow, these 25 are losing sales

Every brand’s best-selling vehicle in Canada in 2017’s first half

Every automaker has a star vehicle that outsells its siblings—we’ve got them for every brand, for 2017’s first half

Canada’s 30 worst-selling automobiles in the first half of 2017

Vehicle sales in Canada are up, sure, but it can’t be all good news: here’re the lowest-volume new vehicles in 2017’s first six months

Canada’s 30 best-selling auto brands in 2017’s first half

Canadians are buying more new vehicles than ever—and these 30 brands sold the most in 2017 so far

Canadian passenger car market share has now fallen below a third

Canadians want new vehicles, but according to the numbers, they do not want new cars

Canada’s 30 best-selling vehicles through the first half of 2017

2017’s half over—these are Canada’s 30 most popular vehicles so far this year

Thank the big guys for Canada's record auto sales in 2017

Yes, Ford Motor Company and General Motors produced the majority of auto industry growth this year so far

Canadian sales of vehicles that straddle categories

In 2017, a lot of new vehicles are squares that don’t fit in round holes—many sell well, and many don’t

In 2017’s boom Canadian market, these vehicles are going bust

Boom market? These are the 25 vehicles losing Canadian sales most rapidly in 2017

In a shrinking market, these're Canada’s 25 top car brands in 2017

Subtract trucks, SUVs, and vans and Canada’s auto industry is 3/10 its size—a small slice of pie split between 25 brands

Could Audi become Canada's new favourite luxury auto brand?

In May 2017, Audi grabbed second place on Canada’s luxury auto leaderboard—could Audi soon be #1?

Canada’s 25 best-selling SUV brands in 2017

The SUV sector is now the dominant vehicle category in Canada, so which brand sells the most SUVs and crossovers?

Canada's truck market exploded to record levels in May 2017

Canadians are buying more new vehicles than ever before, and more than one-fifth of those vehicles are pickups

Cars aren’t dead: Canada’s 25 fastest-growing cars in 2017

Car sales are slowing, but many cars are making big gains, and these 25 more than any other

Canada’s 25 best-selling luxury vehicles in 2017

One-third into 2017, these are Canada’s top-selling luxury brand automobiles in a booming luxury market

Canadian sales of Canadian-built automobiles in early 2017

How many Canadian cars do Canadians buy in Canada? Well, we’ve got the sales figures to answer that very question

Canadian auto sales slowed in April 2017—but General Motors didn't

General Motors Canada sales exploded this past month thanks to its pickups, SUVs, and even strong car sales

Ups and downs: auto brands' changing market share in Canada

Canadian auto sales are rising, but a rising tide does not float every automaker’s boat

Canadian auto sales slowed in April—but pickup trucks didn't

Pickup truck popularity increased in Canada in April 2017 even as auto sales growth finally stalled

Canada’s 25 best-selling import vehicles in 2017’s first quarter

Imported cars account for nearly one-quarter of Canadian auto sales—so which ones are the most popular here?