Canada is not just a northerly version of the United States with more poutine and better Olympics coverage. In the automotive sphere, the two markets share so much and yet have distinct buying habits.

Canadians are distinctly more likely to buy pickup trucks than our Americans counterparts, for instance. Canadians are also more accepting of Mazda and Volkswagen. Yet south of the border, there are a wide variety of vehicles that, despite the U.S. market being only 8 times larger than Canada’s, sell with far greater frequency than they do here. How much more frequently?

We’ll tell you, ranking cars by the difference in volume — between 19 times and 70 times more popular — over the first two-thirds of 2017. We’ve excluded niche market cars that make little statistical difference by including only those vehicles that sell more than 1,000 copies per month in the United States.

Naturally, we’ve also excluded those few vehicles that are sold in America but remain unavailable in Canada. Granted, some of these vehicles are moderately popular in Canada, but not nearly to the level they achieve south of the border.