Long gone is the time when an “import” automobile was any vehicle that wasn’t a General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler product. Many GM, FCA, and Ford Motor Company vehicles are now built outside the North American Free Trade zone. Moreover, many European-badged and Asian-badged vehicles are built in North America, including a number of vehicles built right here in Canada.

In total, according to the Automotive News Data Center, 24 percent of the new vehicles sold in Canada in the first seven months of 2017 were built outside the NAFTA zone. Their sales are rising faster than North American-built vehicles, as well, with total import auto sales rising 9 percent to nearly 290,000 units so far this year.

These are the 25 top sellers, but keep in mind, in many cases they do not represent the entire nameplate’s volume. For example, most Honda Civics sold in Canada are sedans and coupes built in Canada, rather than hatchbacks imported from England.