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Canadian car and truck sales

Canada’s 25 best-selling SUVs in the season of SUVs

Between November 2017 and January 2018, these were Canada’s 25 best-selling SUVs this winter

Midsize Malaise: Canadian demand for midsize cars is fading faster and faster

As Canadians buy and lease more new vehicles than ever before, the popularity of midsize cars is shrinking ever more rapidly

Automotive best sellers from around the world in 2017

The Ford F-Series leads in Canada – but what vehicles are best sellers around the world in 2017?

Canada’s Zombie Autos – You thought they were dead, but sales continue

Though long discontinued, Canadian sales of these 23 vehicles continued in 2017, and even in 2018

Canada’s 30 worst-selling vehicles in 2017

The 30 lowest-volume vehicles in Canada in 2017, a tremendous year for other vehicles

Canada’s 25 best-selling auto brands in 2017, the best year ever for Canadian auto...

The six top auto brands accounted for 55 percent of all auto sales

The 30 best selling cars as Canada’s sets another sales record in 2017

For the first time, Canadians bought more than 2 million vehicles in 2017. Nearly six in ten sales were produced by only 30 specific models. Here they are.

The good ol’ days are here to stay – body-on-frame auto sales in Canada in 2017

23% of the new vehicles sold in Canada in 2017 are body-on-frame trucks and SUVs – we rank them all by sales through the end of November

Canada’s 25 best-selling sports cars in 2017

Canadians still love fun cars, and these are the 25 most popular sports cars in 2017’s first 11 months

Canada’s 25 most popular SUV brands in 2017

If SUVs are everything, let’s rank auto brands in Canada by 2017 SUV sales

Every auto brand’s most popular vehicle in Canada in 2017

Some automakers field a vast lineup of vehicles but end up producing the bulk of their sales with one vehicle

These 25 new vehicles don't follow Canadian sales trends at all

In a pro-SUV/anti-car Canadian automotive sphere, here are the cars and SUVs that most reject market-wide tendencies

Canada’s 25 best-selling European vehicles in 2017

Five-sixths of the way through 2017, these are Canada’s 25 most popular European vehicles

Canada’s 30 worst-selling vehicles in 2017’s first three-quarters

Through the end of September, these are 2017’s least popular new vehicles in Canada

Canada’s 30 best-selling auto brands in 2017’s first three quarters

Midst record auto sales in 2017, these are Canada’s 30 highest-volume auto brands

Canada’s 30 best-selling vehicles in 2017’s first three quarters

The 30 most popular vehicles in Canada through the end of 2017’s third quarter

VW has huge global SUV goals—in Canada, it's already met them

Volkswagen Canada shows just how quickly a brand can turn around with a booming SUV lineup

The 25 vehicles Americans want that Canadians don’t love so much

In 2017, Americans are still snapping up these 25 new vehicles—Canadians aren’t

These are Canada’s 25 best-selling luxury SUVs in 2017 so far

Many automakers, especially premium automakers, point to SUVs as the recipe for future success

Why are Canadian auto sales soaring again in 2017? Trucks

Thank pickup trucks for 2017’s continued auto sales boom

How hot are Canada's newest vehicles? We check the temperature

Gauging the success of Canada’s newest vehicles: sedans, sports cars, luxury SUVs, electric cars, and supercars

Control of Canada's sports car market firmly in Mustang's grasp

As competitors struggle to make headway in Canada, month after month, Ford Canada just keeps on selling more Mustangs

Foreign affairs: Canada’s 25 most popular 'import' autos in 2017

“Import” doesn’t mean what it used to, but these are still Canada’s 25 most popular autos built outside North America

Automotive rivals: Canada’s one-on-one auto sales battles in 2017

Mustang versus Camaro, Ram versus F-150—who’s coming out the winner this year so far in these and other contests?

As of summer 2017, Volkswagen Canada is back from the brink

Car upticks and incoming SUVs are bringing the Canadian arm of the German automaker back on track

Canada’s 25 best-selling luxury cars in 2017’s first seven months

The 25 top-selling premium brand cars in 2017’s surging Canadian auto market