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Pro tips: Off-roading basics

The skills described here should serve you well out in the bush and on the paved asphalt of a sprawling metropolis.

Ten car features that minimize driving stress

Several cars on the market with features that take the work out of driving

Help! The self-driving cars are coming!

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the future of cars

Why Canada gets the vehicles we get

Why does that “gotta-have” model not come to Canada? There are a few reasons…

Selling your car? Protect yourself!

Selling a vehicle requires as much caution as buying

Breakdown or collision? Here's what to do ...

Staying safe is your priority

20 tips to make your car last longer

Keeping your car reliable, running well and looking good means you’ll have a sweet ride for a long, long time

Can driving be a game?

Auto makers try to make it more like one, with smartphone apps

Turbo 101: premium required?

Many of us have heard the cliche “there’s no replacement for displacement.” In layman’s terms, it means there’s no substitute for a nice big engine.

Got a car? We have tips for you ...

25 tips to help keep you on the road

Could your next car be made of carbon fibre?

BMW’s electric i3 puts high-tech into production

Bought a new car? Here's what to do...

Tips and tricks to make the delivery go smoothly

What does "Premium Recommended" mean to you?

It’s all about muscle versus money

What happens when a car dies?

When a car dies: the recycling yard

Paint: More than just the right colour

One of the major things that can make or break a car deal, believe it or not, is the colour. The engine, options, and even the price can be right, but if the colour’s wrong, a surprising number of people will turn the car down

Summer tires? When, and why, it's time to switch

The snow and ice is gone from (most) of Canada now, which means it’s time to take off those winter tires and swap them for a set of summer rubber. Here’s what you need to know

Barn finds: What do you do with a forgotten old car?

The chances are slim, but there may be hope for that forgotten car you know is just sitting there…

Aerodynamics: How styling saves you money

Aerodynamics is one of the major considerations in vehicles today; get the design right, and you can shave fuel consumption even before you spend the first cent on powertrain technologies

Torture Chamber: Automotive Hell

For a new car, going from concept to production is a long, arduous and expensive process. Part of that process involves subjecting a car to unimaginable conditions and equally unimaginable stress. Let’s examine some of the sheer misery cars go through, all in the name of safety and comfort.

How the numbers make or break automakers

The more they make, the less they cost

How to: Build a car emergency kit

You really are better safe than sorry. An emergency kit is cheap to put together, and it just might save your bacon if you and your vehicle get into a tough spot.

Why does your car crumple?

The bystander looks approvingly at the old car, and raps his knuckles on the heavy fender. “They don’t make ’em like that anymore,” he says. “You hit something with a new one, it just crumples up.”

That’s not because new cars are flimsy and cheap. Rather, they’re supposed to crumple, because that’s what saves your life.

The winter beater: worth it or not?

Driving through winter doesn’t always have to be a draining experience on both car and owner

A guide to federal car auctions

Cheap wheels abound at Canada’s federal auction site. You can pick up a bargain — if you know how

Should you buy used parts?

They may cost less, but you need to be careful

Your car's VIN: What that number really means

Those 17 digits are your vehicle’s “fingerprint”