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Knowledge Base

Quiz: How well do you know your Canadian road signs?
Crash course: How your car's safety rating is determined

Making sense of safety – what those crash test dummies actually tell us about our cars.

What to do if your car catches fire (or hydroplanes, or rolls away)

Don’t panic when you get a flat tire or realize your brakes have failed—just follow these instructions

Forecasting Fuel: Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today

Predicting the seemingly unpredictable

Light is might: How automakers use high-strength steel

High-tech steels save fuel and increase safety

Top 10 most dangerous roads in the world

A list of roads you might want to avoid travelling on

Summer tires: What’s the point?

We tested a set of summer tires against a winter set to see what sort of difference they’d make on warm pavement

Quiz: General Automotive Knowledge

How well do you know your vehicle?

Play it safe: Avoid these common driving mistakes

Are you guilty of these vehicular safety infractions?

20 years of Canadian gas prices

We take a look at the highs and lows of two decades of Canadian gas prices, province by province

Do you know where your car was built?

We take a tour around North America to see which vehicles are made where.

The most dangerous new cars from around the world

Unsafe cars are still very available in global markets

Cool Canadian automotive facts, eh!

Some fascinating facts about Canada and our cars

Seatbelts: A Century of Safety

One of your car’s most important safety items is also its most simple.

Why do automakers do that?

Ever get in your car, look at how something works, and wonder just why it’s the way it is? Well, we do too. From knobs that keeping turning, to lights that aren’t there anymore, here are some of the reasons behind it all.

Highs and Lows: Gas prices around the world

The five cheapest and five most expensive places to refuel on average, and where they stand compared to Canada and the U.S.

The world's 10 worst intersections

Whether due to overwhelming traffic or just poor planning, these intersections are best avoided

How to keep your car running in the cold

Tips, tricks and best practices to get the most out of your car in the winter months

Cost Comparison: Hybrid, Electric and Combustion

We look at a slew of popular affordable cars and see what’ll cost you less over the course of a year

Ten car features that minimize driving stress

Several cars on the market with features that take the work out of driving

Help! The self-driving cars are coming!

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the future of cars

Why Canada gets the vehicles we get

Why does that “gotta-have” model not come to Canada? There are a few reasons…

Selling your car? Protect yourself!

Selling a vehicle requires as much caution as buying

Breakdown or collision? Here's what to do ...

Staying safe is your priority

20 tips to make your car last longer

Keeping your car reliable, running well and looking good means you’ll have a sweet ride for a long, long time

Can driving be a game?

Auto makers try to make it more like one, with smartphone apps