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TPMS: What that tire warning light is all about

Having the right air pressure in your tires is important — the problem is most of us don’t bother to check it

Summer tires? When, and why, it's time to switch

The snow and ice is gone from (most) of Canada now, which means it’s time to take off those winter tires and swap them for a set of summer rubber. Here’s what you need to know.

What if the dealer can't fix your car?

We have advice on what to do when things go bad

Insuring a car: The difference is CLEAR

When you’re buying auto insurance, everyone knows that you pay more if you drive a red sports car — right?

Recalls and TSBs: What you need to know

You may think they’re similar, but you’ll need to know what each one is if one applies to your car

How to take good pictures of your car

Tips from a pro photographer on making your car look good, for profit or sport

Fuel economy: How do they figure it out?

It’s all done in a lab …

Whiplash: Pain that can be prevented

Some simple things you can do to help reduce the risks and severity of whiplash

What happens when kids are driven everywhere?

A new study suggests that too much time in a car leaves kids unable to navigate properly in later life

What to Do Before, During, and After a Flat Tire

Tires are better than ever, but a flat can still happen, so here’s what you need to know if you get hit with one.

How to set a Guinness World Record for driving

A current and a former Canadian record holder give us the details on what it takes to win the prize

Renting a car? This is what you need to know about insurance

Your life could change in a split second if you’re not adequately insured in a rental car.

How to tell if you or your loved ones can still drive

Subtlety and understanding called for when assessing whether elderly folk should still be driving

What can a teenager learn from winter driving?

A father and son attend the Bridgestone Canadian Winter Driving Training program for teens tackling winter driving.!

How to handle potholes

They are everywhere, and they can cause serious damage to your car. Here’s expert advice from our mechanic on how best to handle potholes.

Here's how NOT to drive in winter

Tips to help keep you safe in nasty weather

15 features we wish cars still had

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. But maybe, in some aspects, they should.

Fascinating facts you might not have known

The automotive world is a trivia lover’s paradise, filled with all sorts of interesting stories. We’ve brought several together here. How many did you know?

It's winter! What's that stuff on the road?

It’s a familiar sight to so many Canadians: the snow comes down, the plows come out, showers of salt come out the back. Here’s why (and how) road salt works.

Ten things every pickup owner should know about their truck

Canada’s roadways are dominated by pickup trucks—here’s what sets them apart from their four-wheeled siblings

Everything you need to know about using a dash cam in Canada

How hard is a dash cam to install? Can I share the footage online? Are they even legal here? We answer your questions about dash cams

Please don't get your gearhead friend these gifts this holiday

Wondering what to gift the car fanatic in your life this season? Well, don’t even think of putting these under the tree

Why gasoline costs what it does

Feeling a sting at the pump? These are all of the factors that determine the price of gas

What happens when you start your engine?

The basic premise hasn’t changed since the 1900s, but there’s a lot more today that can go wrong

The truth about brakes

All things considered, it’s better to have a car that won’t start, than one that won’t stop.

The truth about oil

Of all the protective fluids in your vehicle, the most vital one is oil