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15 features we wish cars still had

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. But maybe, in some aspects, they should.

Fascinating facts you might not have known

The automotive world is a trivia lover’s paradise, filled with all sorts of interesting stories. We’ve brought several together here. How many did you know?

It's winter! What's that stuff on the road?

It’s a familiar sight to so many Canadians: the snow comes down, the plows come out, showers of salt come out the back. Here’s why (and how) road salt works.

Ten things every pickup owner should know about their truck

Canada’s roadways are dominated by pickup trucks—here’s what sets them apart from their four-wheeled siblings

Everything you need to know about using a dash cam in Canada

How hard is a dash cam to install? Can I share the footage online? Are they even legal here? We answer your questions about dash cams

Please don't get your gearhead friend these gifts this holiday

Wondering what to gift the car fanatic in your life this season? Well, don’t even think of putting these under the tree

Why gasoline costs what it does

Feeling a sting at the pump? These are all of the factors that determine the price of gas

Recalls and TSBs: What you need to know

You make think they’re similar, but you’ll need to know what each one is if one applies to your car

What happens when you start your engine?

The basic premise hasn’t changed since the 1900s, but there’s a lot more today that can go wrong

The truth about brakes

All things considered, it’s better to have a car that won’t start, than one that won’t stop.

The truth about oil

Of all the protective fluids in your vehicle, the most vital one is oil

Warning lights: What's your car telling you?

Each warning light in the instrument cluster or centre stack is telling you something.

What the heck's freight and PDI, anyway?

An established “industry practice,” stomaching these charge is an ongoing challenge for consumers.

How to choose a safe car

Our guide to finding trusted car safety ratings, and understanding what those ratings mean for you

Quiz: Which of these cars is the most aerodynamic?

Supercar versus hybrid. Luxury sedan versus hatchback. It ain’t hard to tell which one boasts a sleeker, slipperier shape—or is it?

Which weird features belong to which concept car?

Think you know your concept cars pretty well? What about all of the cool cutting-edge features they were supposed to come with?

Motorway maintenance: How highway debris gets cleaned up

If it falls off, someone has to pick it up

What's underneath this camouflaged prototype?

Can you guess what production vehicles automakers were trying to hide under these prototype shells?

Can you guess these celebrities' first cars?

Even celebrities have to start somewhere. Can you match the star to their first car?

What should you do in these road rage situations?

“Road rage” incidents are happening more and more frequently in Canada, and you never know when you might find yourself on the receiving end of this sort of aggression

Guess what these well-known cars were almost named instead

For one reason or another, these car names simply didn’t make the cut. Can you single out the real almost-names from the fakes?

Letter of the Law: What your new car has to have (and what it doesn't)

You might just be surprised by what your car does and doesn’t need to be legal in Canada.

Which car company's old logo is this?

If you went back in time, could you recognize these no-longer-in-use carmaker logos?

What does that mean? A simple guide to automaker terms

Auto industry jargon got you confused? We can help.

Made in China Quiz: Which of these cars is a Chinese knock-off?

If we showed you the real deal and the copycat, could you tell which was which?

Renting a car on your next trip? Make it safe and easy...

Follow these tips for stress-free renting