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I own this car (5,000 km)

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10 Excellent

We own a 2015 XV Crosstrek (base with manual transmission) after replacing our much loved 2006 Forester. The Crosstrek is a great looking, fun to drive, full time AWD beast. This car loves the snow, the rain, mud, gravel, you name it. Excellent in bad weather. Small on the outside but surprisingly useful interior space. The front seats are very good, the view out excellent, back seat comfort better than our 2009 Civic and the old Forester as well. I strongly disagree with the reviewer about the CVT being preferable to the manual. While it's no match for the WRX, the tranny works very easily and while the first gear is low, it helps when used off road. We test drove the CVT and would not have bought the car if that was the only transmission available. My wife works at a backcountry ski lodge and takes the Crosstrek places where only massive 4x4's (and NO other cars) go. She's never been stuck. There are those that argue there's no need for an AWD in the summer months, but on more than one occasion I have had to take evasive action against distracted drivers and was more than happy to know that Subaru's Symmetrical AWD was delivering power to all four wheels equally (not to be confused with many competitors who's AWD is more geared to the front wheels and take a few seconds to engage their rear wheels). On gravel, mud, flooded roads and snow the little Sube excels.

Likes: Great fun to driveGood fuel efficiencyManual transmission availability
Dislikes: Tinny doors
10 Excellent


Great looking little car. Looks are subjective of course, the most people find the Crosstrek's looks one of it's best qualities. I'm not usually a fan of body cladding, but Subaru has done a good job. The front end looks solid and substantial, unusual in this segment. Subaru's all do exceptionally well in crash tests another major factor that when combined with it's high ground clearance and AWD make this a good choice for Canadian roads.

9 Excellent


Very happy with the front seats. Back seat is very good too for the sector. Outward viz is excellent. Backup camera is handy. Sound system is okay but nothing great. The instrument cluster is simple but easy to read. I prefer the fuel economy read out in our Legacy better, but it's still quite good. The seat heater switches are in a terrible location between the seats by your hip. Good armrests. Good storage under the centre armrest. Reasonably quiet, but still enough road noise to let you know why they make an Outback too. I've noted under 'Cons' that the doors sound tinny, but that's only when the outside door handle is released. The doors sound kind of hollow but make a reassuringly solid sound when closed. Minor gripe, one of the very few.

9 Excellent


Not huge amounts of tech in our base model, but backup camera and satellite radio are standard. Wish we'd just go back to knobs and dials for the radio, but at least there's a volume knob!

9 Excellent


We're seeing around 8L/100. Fun to drive, definitely buy the manual. The Crosstrek is no sports car and 148hp isn't a lot, but the manual helps get the most out of it. The manual is a FULL TWO SECONDS quicker to 60mph (according to Car and Driver)! The tires are 225/55-17's, large-ish for the sector. Brakes feel strong and consistent. As is typical in a Subaru, the suspension is surprisingly compliant and never seems to want to bottom out.

9 Excellent


We paid $22,700 for our 2015 at year end before taxes and the absurdly high delivery/dealer prep charges. You could buy a nice new Civic or Mazda3, but why when you can have this with AWD? We switched from many Civics to having two Subarus and do not regret it for a moment.


Today Subarus are competitively priced and the superior AWD system comes at little or no added cost. Excellent reliability, top engineering, good comfort levels, fun to drive but maybe unequalled in the bad weather, make the Crosstrek as much a no brainer as there is in this segment today.

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