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I own this car (5,200 km)

2016 Mazda5 GT, End of an era

7 Good

Well documented the design and platform is dated. The utility and flexability fit a niche market that is being overtaken by CUVs.

Powertrain is decent and 5 speed auto welcome over some CVTs that are common place now. Could due to the Skyactive powertrain used in all the other models but, even then I'm not familiar with the actual benefits the Skyactive powertrain offers in the current line up.

Fuel economy is fair for the first 5k. 9.2 l per 100 kms. Mostly highway and near 120 km/h with flow of traffic.

Seats are ok. Leather is nice to clean up after a family trip to the beach or drive in movie.

Got the cross bars for roof top cargo needs when all seats in use. I know the engineers selected optimum mount points for weight distribution. But, manufacturers seem to offer some variety of placement. If you plan to have a soft shell bag that rests on the roof, don't open the sunroof.

A/C works hard to cool down the rear most passengers. Middle row gets ok relief with their own controls. Glad I tinted the windows or I'm afraid most would roast in the summer heat.

Minor quibles. Can't program the doors to auto lock. No biggie, learn to do it ourselves.

Steering wheel cruise controls on the right side. Prefer left side.

Have the indicators blink 3 times for lane changes. Most manufactures get it now. Instead I have to hold it until I complete the change or count.

Sunroof controls have separate buttons for tilt/open. One should suffice. Tilt should open a little more and auto close at the touch of the button. Does so when needing to open. Why not to close?

Would like cup holders in the sliding doors. When the centre table/holder is hidden under the seat, it just sucks having to stop and unbuckle a passenger to flip it out when needed. And sometimes it's nice to have it hidden to allow the dog to sit in between the seats.

Still getting used to the radio controls. Turning the channel when wanting to adjust the volume. I'm sure it will come in time.

Sorry did you mention road noise? One of the loudest vehicles I've own in some time. Makes for shouting to use the handsfree bluetooth system.

And no settings for the ring type. It's annoying.

Wave creases are hit or miss. Otherwise, a sharp looking vehicle with decent handling. Loaded or unloaded. Brakes work well.

Fuel range/gauge runs down fast the last half. Even when indicated zero range, most I can fuel up is 52 l in a 60 L tank.

Likes: Brake feelcargo versatilityDoors
Dislikes: Road noiseWind noiseTechnology
8 Very good


Sliding doors are a bit heavy for an 8 year old but, the convenience for tight parking spots is amazing.

7 Good


Not sure if Mazda is going to refresh or discontinue in 2017. Would be nice to have a bench in the middle for 3 but, understand there might be safety regs the keep it a 2 by 2 by 2 passanger rig.

7 Good


Do you need a touch screen? Back up camera is the norm and it's easier to park straight using a camera. Using sensors isn't as intuitive.

8 Very good


It's a tall vehicle so, it's going to be susceptible to cross winds but, overall very impressed. Road noise is an issue at highway speed. Turn up the stereo.

7 Good


Being the end of the model run, decent pricing is available. It's a good vehicle and it's too bad the market prefers larger vans or smaller CUVs. Very good value for the top trim level. Like the 17" wheels and leather seating along with leather steering wheel and gear selector. Xenon Head lamps and rain sensing wipers and moonroof.


It's clear Mazda focus is more on the CX models. No longer offered in the USA, it's days are likely numbers in Canada as well. With a refresh to bring it up to date and offering a manual with the top trim GT and keep the pricing in line, I suppose I'm just one of the few at can appreciate what it offers.

Just gonna enjoy it while I can and see what is out there when it's time for a replacement. Typically get something in 120,000 kms.

Oh, in Canada, Mazda has unlimited mileage warranty. Perfect for me as I drive a lot.

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