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I own this car (600 km)

Absolutely in Love!

8 Very good

Likes: Good fuel efficiencyHandlingsolid build quality
Dislikes: Price of optionsVisibility
8 Very good


Styling outside is gorgeous. Nice curves, not too ostentatious but enough to give the car a sexy look. I changed out the stock rims with some new Mazda rims that came out for May 2015. They change the look of the vehicle 1000% and make it even sexier. The dark blue color new for MY2016 is very nice as well.

8 Very good


Driver's seat is very comfortable and I like the power seat settings. The manual lumbar support is easy to adjust and adds another level of comfort. The seat is very supportive on corners and longer drives as well. Getting in and out is very easy, even for a 5'0" tall person such as myself. I don't have to climb up into the vehicle, which was a big pet peeve with a lot of SUVs. The hatch has tonnes of storage space for runs to the store and camping trips and the rear seats are easy to fold flat. Removing the headrests is a bit of a PITA but the little pockets to store them is a nice touch. The hatch door open very easily and isn't heavy at all. The gauges are white on black, both digital and analog, and are easy to read and see at all times during the day. The dash isn't cluttered but simple without any useless information. Lots of soft-touch plastics make the doors and arm rests very comfortable to touch. My only beef is that not all the buttons for windows and locks light up, which my old car had. All the buttons for the driver and everything on the steering wheel light up, which are the most important. The passenger window and lock buttons lighting up would have been nice but aren't really critical to me as passengers are rare. The heated seat buttons are easy to reach, the knobs for the HVAC are super big and easy to read and use which is nice. You can adjust the temperature just by feel so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to check on digital readouts. I really like the cup holders for the rear passengers in the arm rest. It would have been nice if the cargo cover was standard on the vehicle. I didn't bother buying it as it was quite expensive and I don't leave things in the car for long.

8 Very good


The bluetooth paired easily with my very basic smart phone and the text-to-talk worked flawlessly. I haven't accepted or made any phone calls yet as I don't like to make phone calls when on the road. The sound from the 6-speaker system is plenty nice for me and even with all the windows open I don't need to put the radio at more than 50% volume. Bass comes out very nice as well. My ipod integration works flawlessly via USB connectivity and everything from album covers to song information are displayed on the screen. The backup camera is really nice for reversing into parking spots and driveways (we have rocks behind ours so nice to see them). The cross-traffic alert worked flawlessly when parking at the mall. I didn't want super high tech personally, so for the price I am very happy with what the car comes with. The radio, touch screen, HMI, etc. all work very well and I am happy with the content. The cruise control worked well and appears to slow me down on big hills to maintain speed which is great (don't know if this works on all cars as my last one was 10 yrs old and didn't do this).

9 Excellent


Visibility is pretty good, combined with the blind-spot monitor there is very little I can't see or detect around the car. Forward visibility is excellent as well. My only niggle is looking out the side to the rear at one stop light in my neighborhood, visibility isn't so great but still not too bad. Acceleration is vert good from a stop and is excellent when passing on the highway which was very important to me as I spend a lot of time on undivided highways. The vehicle is super easy to drive, steering is extremely responsive (distracted drivers beware!) and cornering is phenomenal, even at high speeds. So far I've done a few hundred kms on the highway and got down to 7L/100km and I am currently averaging 8.1L/100km in combined city and highway driving. I would say it's been 35% city driving. The engine is super quiet once it warms up and I can barely hear it when driving. The 6-speed is pretty smooth and way more fun to drive than a CVT. The down-shifting can slow you a bit more than expected sometimes but I honestly don't notice it anymore. Overall, I have a blast driving this vehicle.

9 Excellent


Without AWD and a tonne of technology, this car is great value. You get more than the CR-V or Rav-4 for the price and the car looks better IMHO than either of those. Reliability with Mazda has been soaring recently with a lot of the other Japanese companies losing ground in the reliability market. Overall, very happy with what I got for my money.


I spent over 4 years researching a vehicle to replace my 2005 Pontiac Pursuit. I had a very specific list of wants and a very big dislike for complicated interiors and technology. I fell in love with the CX-5 because the technology is simple, more than adequate and works very well. It has 500lbs more towing capacity than all of its competitors and in the looks department was sexier than anything else out there (IMHO anyways). The test drive sealed the deal for me and I was signing the paperwork the next day. This vehicle is a lot of fun to drive, really good on fuel, comfortable with more than enough storage capacity and after 2 weeks of ownership and 600+km I am more than thrilled with my decision.

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