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Bio Howard Elmer

Ask any auto writer how they came to be in the business and the only similarity between stories will be the ending. I’m no different. I knew by the age of ten that I wanted to write, however I was born into a family of automotive engineers; a right brain thinker with a left brained father and two brothers who all worked in auto parts business. In university I was pushed to study business—because I’d never be an engineer—see, I just couldn’t do math.

Still, what I never lost was a hunger to drive. By the age of 12 I had secretly taught myself to drive on my dad’s 70’ Chevy C10 pickup and my love of trucks was born. At 17 my first “car” was a Ford F250 and by my early twenties I was drawn into the world of heavy trucks, acquiring a Class A license and rising to transportation manager in a TNT company. Yet, that urge to write still nagged at me.

Today it’s been 20 years since walked away from that career. I just had to scratch that itch–so I drove a steel truck at night while completing my post-grad journalism diploma at Humber College. Many newspaper and magazine jobs followed, but the end result? About a million miles of towing, evaluating, cursing and praising trucks of every shape and size.

So how did I become an auto writer? I embraced my love, tempered it with my father’s practical legacy and allowed to flow my unquenchable need to tell stories.